My Body, My Baby, My Choice! - Fight to Keep Home Birthing Legal

Friday March 26th 2010

My banner from the Sept 7th 2009 Canberra Rally

 For the past few years, dedicated people here in Australia have been fighting to keep home birthing and Independent Midwifes a valid and viable option.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Australian Government have been rabid in their quest to see all non medically controlled births eliminated. Those women that choose to Home Birth have always faced the ignorance and prejudice of the uninformed, but since 2008-2009 have been actively hunted.

Supporters, including myself, rallied at Canberra to raise our voices against this violation of our human rights - we were over 3000 strong!! But the Government hid away.

Rallies have been held, thousands of submissions to Senate committees sent, vocal Women using their time and energy to fight this.

Yet our government didn't listen. It was swayed by the babblings of the AMA, who are circling their wagons and priming their guns against the perceived loss of income to their wallets.

They bleat about safety, moan about protecting the innocent from the faithless hippies, blatantly lie, and determinedly ignore study after study showing the safety of home birthing. They turn away from the hundreds of traumatic horror stories I read about and hear about consistently of women being abused and traumatised in our hospitals.

The Australian Government pontificates relentlessly about hospital reform, saving money, creating better hospital and medical outcomes, then purposely ignores the money saving, healthier, safer option of home birthing.

Here I shall share MY feelings, MY experiences about both hospital AND home birthing. And my struggle to cope with a Government controlled by fear, greed and blindness.

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