Birth Story of Hatchling Lad - An Elective C-Section

It was a great shock to discover we were pregnant when Hatchling Lass was only 6 months old.

After years of struggling to get pregnant and stay pregnant, God decided to surprise us and bless us with another bubba! 

After three days of... lets say NOT being thrilled with the idea -lol- cue in bed, doona over head, boxes of tissues and one extremely dehydrated mumma later that is - we warmed to the idea.


Lets be honest - off cycle, *ahem* condom *ahem* and 15 miscarriages behind us, we certainly didn't expect to fall pregnant on the ONE intimate moment in nearly a year!

But pregnant we were, so pregnant we had to deal with.

After all the experiences of the previous three births, I still hadn't processed all that had happened with Hatchling Lass' birth. So it was with a lot of difficultly that I faced doing it again so soon.

We decided very early on that I wanted a c/section. Three births and three heart 'scares' and I knew I didn't want to go there again. The very thought triggered panic attacks.

So I did what all anxiety ridden-procrastinators do - I pushed it to the back of my mind and ignored it as much as I could -lol-

I tried several times to make myself walk into that Woman's Clinic, but I couldn't force myself through that doorway. That was the start of the trauma of my first birth, and while I had made great strides in my healing, I still hadn't managed to get all the way yet.

So it wasn't until week 19 that I finally managed to force myself into that Womans Clinic.

It wasn't bad, but let's say it wasn't great either.

The midwife I got first panicked that I was 19weeks and hadn't had any scans or tests or anything - she was horrified that I had homebirthed and freebirthed and refused to listen to me -lol- made for a few huffs, raised eyebrows and internal giggles over that appt.
Then she found out how many miscarriages I had..... I thought she was going to have a stroke then and there!

Bringing a loooooooong story shorter - the whole Women's Clinic was a test in managing my anxiety and standing my ground.

I asked for and was refused a c/s numerous times. I stated my reasons, but was assured that because I wasn't homebirthing, it was going to be fine.... argh!!! Not listening seemed to be the way they go there. Patronising and speaking down to women seems to be pandemic in the birthing industry. 

Everyone was nice, but patronising. There were a few awesome midwives and OBs I was blessed to have and they were the reasons I was able to continue going to my appts.

As I have been unwell for many years now, I mentioned that as one reason I wanted a C/S so i was referred to Maternity Health for further testing to figure out what was wrong with me...

Or so I thought!! GGrrr - lies also seem to be the deal of the day there. I later found out from my new Doctor that they instead, investigated my health to discover the reasons for my miscarriages - which was COMPLETELY against my Well and Often Stated Wishes!!

One of the best things that came out of this whole experience was being referred to the Mental Health Nurse for depression as I wasn't coping with being pregnant AGAIN and so close to Hatchling Lass. I was put on Antidepressants and wow - did I feel better!

I also had a new and surprising area of support - Essential Baby Forums. I was in a dark place for most of my pregnancy, not only mentally but physically and emotionally and several of the members were literally my sanity. They held me together, supported me and without them, I don't know how I would have coped. They were there in the middle of the night when I needed someone to cry to, they were there during the day to bolster me through the tough hours. They took and held my space and I will never forget them.

But the most awesome support was from DragonPapa, J and F. They listened to my complaints and whinges, they held me through my many panic attacks, they kept me focused on the end of the pregnancy.

J was my birth support from Hatchling Lass and while dealing with her own health issues, was there to literally hold my hand when I needed it most - I was getting to the end of my awful pregnancy (i loathe pregnancy) and I still hadn't been able to convince anyone that I needed and wanted a C/S. She helped me write my letter to the OB and came with me to be my support. With her strength and courage, I was finally listened to and they agreed immediately to allowing me a C/S. 

With the C/S booked, it was as if someone had come along and cut away a huge backpack I didn't know I was carrying. I could suddenly breathe again. I could again sleep for more than a few hours. I could go a whole day without a panic attack. In fact, I don't think I had another panic attack until the week of the C/S!

Without J's support, I don't think I would have been able to get my longed for C/S.

The Birth - 

We rocked up at 6am - 6AM!! and were admitted through the ER and whisked of to MatWard. After a quick wait, we were prepped and gowned and off to the OR by 8.30

Everyone was awesome!

I, of course, went straight into panic attack mode *sheesh* but worked on my calming exercises and managed to not lose it. I did nibble the blanket to a sodden mess though, lol. But everyone was great. They worked on keeping me calm and informed, always remembering that I had anxiety, faceblindness, panic attacks, the works.

It was fascinating. I could see the whole thing happening in the reflection on the chrome of the lights, but as soon as I thought about 'why' I would start to escalate. DragonPapa was awesome at holding my space.

Hatchling Lad was born at 8.38am, weighing 6pounds 3 ounces = 2.81kgs

He was perfect!! AGPARs of 9 across the board!

And then it went to shit.

Of Course it did, it's ME! BWAHAHAHAA

I suffered a bi-lateral tear of my uterus - basically, Mr Big Head (aka Hatchling Lad) combined with OB-in-Training (who did an awesome job!) equalled a lovely little tear.

Our quick 20min routine C/S turned into a massive 3.5 hour operation. And all I can say was that the staff were amazing! 

I was kept calm (as possible) and informed and the OR staff kept Hatchling Lad near to DragonPapa at all times.  

I was in and out as I started to react to the drugs, but it was expected so managed fine. At one point, my heart did it usual birthing dance and we managed to actually SEE it on the monitors. The Anaesthetist explained that what had felt like a skipping heart to me, was infact a massive single beat. He couldn't explain it so after it was all finished, I was whisked away to the cardiac ward for my recovery.
And pretty soon, I was in my room with my new bubba.

Not much to say about the aftercare - but I will say that the drain they put in - FREAKEN HURTS BEING TAKEN OUT!! It was the worst part of the whole thing! 

Because of the tearing I was bedbound for 2 days, but it was great. DragonPapa stayed for the first day but then toddled off to rescue the kids from their carers lol.

My scar was perfect. Smooth, straight - it was like someone had drawn on me with a pen and a ruler!

Off home we went.

But as this is me..... it didn't stop there...

Back we went as I got a nasty infection. I ended up having another op, this time under general as I had infection and a large mass under my scar. Now my scar was nasty and lumpy and crooked *sigh* oh well*

I had a really bad reaction to the general anesthetic and was pretty well out of it for 2 days. My heart and my breathing were all wonky and everyone was quite worried, but again, as it's me, in the end i was okay.

It ended up being three months of hospital visits and admissions, 6 different forms of Anti-biotics before I was finally well again.

And all I can say was it was a great experience.

With only a few exceptions - of which I was able to ignore or deal with and I say birth NOT pregnancy support as that was totally shit - this birth was full of support, information and I was able to see it as a positive experience for me. I have had many people tell me that THIS birth should be the 'traumatic' one and my first to be the 'positive' one, but to me, it was the opposite. 

We weren't able to breastfeed this time, of which I was only a little upset, but Hatchling Lad was on the 80th percentile for his head size and 2nd percentile for the rest of him. They were starting to say things like "Failure to Thrive" and "dangerously underweight" so it was under medical advisement that I stop the BFing and move to complete formula feeding as we had been doing both.

Now, he's as chunky as his Mumma and Papa -lol-

As with all my Birth Stories, I will update as I remember more

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