Saturday, September 26, 2015

Spring Is Here!

Spring has arrived and we are loving it.

Living in a small 2 bedroom unit means that inside space is limited. Luckily for us, our unit has a lovely roomy backyard. With this lovely weather, we are now outside nearly all day!!
Enoying the sunshine!
Here Hatchling Lass and Hatchling Lad are enjoying some nappy-free time, getting some all important sun on winter pale tushies. Water Play is a fabulous way to spend a few hours. 
Our washing machine has finally given up its last leg and completely died, so Hatchling Lass is attempting to 'help' me do the daily washing -lol- while Hatchling Lad concentrates on trying to fit both legs AND butt in his bucket of water.

Since I have been feeling better, I whipped up a messenger bag as a gift for one of Dragonett Lad's friends for a birthday gift.

A Messenger Bag for Friend's Party

It was a complete hit!! YAY!!

And a dear friend saw and requested one each for her boys for library bags. So, one my "good days", I made these two and I am in love! Working with such lovely fabric is a bit of a change from upcycled fabric and I can definitely see why people spend such large amounts of money buying the exxy quilting fabrics -lol-

 Super Hero Library Bags

I hope the intended recipients love them as much as I did making them!

I have a HUGE sewing list planned - I am attending my sister's wedding in a few weeks and, to the dismay of my family -haha!- I am sewing my own dress. I'll show it off once I'm done and you can all judge for yourselves if I did well, or if I should have spent a couple of hundred...
I also have a friend's two girls to make gifts for and finish the curtains for our unit, as well as starting our Christmas Sewing AND we have three more birthdays to go, all needing DragonMumma's sewing skills...
Knowing us, I'll get the curtains done, and we will have to move again :D

Someone asked me if I could do a tutorial on some of the more common things I sew, as I told her, 'we'll see' ;)

Til next time beautiful readers...

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