Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting my Sewjo Back

It's been a rough few years here, hence the silence on the blog front. Noone wants to read about other peoples boring problems -lol-.
So to say I lost my Sewjo in the stress would be a fair thing.

But recently, I put my foot down and said that it was time to do some stuff for me. So I got out the box of sewing stuff and promptly realised that in the move we recently did, a lot of my sewing items got damaged or went missing. Bugger!

Off to the Repair Shop but with the bill starting at $150 just for my machine and $300 for both mine and Dragonett Lass', simply out of our pockets reach.
Then...Spotlight had a sale!! Woot!!

A very basic new machine for me for $89 and a new portable one for Dragonnett Lass for $40 and you have two very happy sewists!!

Sadly, the 'Flu then hit our house hard with everyone taking their turn, so it was a long while before I could even open the box!!

Then, finally, I could feel the lure again.

We have moved from our lovely but highly stressful 4 bedroom home to a teeny 2 bedroom unit so I now have limited places to sew. But never fear beautiful readers, where there is a will, there is always a way!

Our kitchen table! Well, by kitchen I mean only -lol-. The spot many of us space-limited sewists use all around the world!
With the added bonus of our spare tv (that my darling DragonPapa went and hooked up for me to use use as I sew!!

Sewing @ the kitchen table
So, I rummaged about in my way-too-many-patterns and found a new one I just found at my Rummage Sale - complete with the size pattern pieces already traced and cut out! Love when that happens!

40 mins later, I had a pair of Avengers fleecy pants for Hatchling Lass... that was too small. Whoops! She finally grew a bit I guess. So correction, after 40 mins, I had a pair of Avengers fleecy pants for Hatchling Lad and 12 mins after that, a 'proper' fitting pair this time for Hatchling Lass -haha-

Not bad if I say so myself!!

Hatchling Lad in his new pants

Hatchling Lass in her (now fitting) pants

2 down and 2 to go now! Dragonett Lass has informed me on apparently how her pants are to be... gotta love 9yr olds -lol-!

I am so glad to have my sewjo back - my sewing list is looooong and only gets longer by the day...

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