Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beeswax Wraps From Nicnak

As long time readers know, we are moving away from disposable stuff here and looking at more reusable items. 

When you think of reusable in the kitchen, most people think about lunchboxes or Tupperware and the like. But what about cling wraps? I know that in a family of 6, we would use a LOT of cling wrap and to be honest, I never really gave it much thought - terrible isn't it! Not only the use and waste of plastics, but the money as well!! 

So when a friend started making beeswax cotton wraps to replace her cling wrap, I had to learn more.

She uses her own bees wax from her backyard and washed cotton squares of differing sizes. As beeswax is naturally antibacterial, it's a great addition to our kitchen instead of chemical filled plastics.

So I had to try it!

We bought frogs, cupcakes and two different stars and off to school they went, with Dragonmumma a bit worried that they wouldn't come home. But it was great! The kids loved the prints and the ease of use (Dragonett Lad not a fan of cling wrap) and a quick wipe and they were ready to go the next day.

Since then, we have gotten some more - the bugs ones are awesome!!

A definite Winner Here!!

*none of these photos are mine as I'm too lazy today - I pinched them all from Nicnak's Facebook page so go have a look yourself and tell 'm DragonMumma sent ya!!

Bowl Cover

Helping Bread Rise

Different Wraps


Range Available
I am definitely saving up to order some BIIIIIG pieces to wrap loaves of bread and dinner sized platters from Elaine!!

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