Monday, August 31, 2015

Convos With Dragonetts

DragonPapa is attempting to get kids ready for school when this convo happens

DP - "Come on, lets hurry up guys!"
Dragonett Lad - " No, I'm still asleep"
DP - "Well wake up quick quick mate"
*very firm voice* Dragonett Lad - "No. I am asleep and will be very slow today. I might tell Mrs G too..." (Mrs G is his teacher) *cue watching Dragonett Lad slow right down and wander almost aimlessly past my bedroom door*

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting my Sewjo Back

It's been a rough few years here, hence the silence on the blog front. Noone wants to read about other peoples boring problems -lol-.
So to say I lost my Sewjo in the stress would be a fair thing.

But recently, I put my foot down and said that it was time to do some stuff for me. So I got out the box of sewing stuff and promptly realised that in the move we recently did, a lot of my sewing items got damaged or went missing. Bugger!

Off to the Repair Shop but with the bill starting at $150 just for my machine and $300 for both mine and Dragonett Lass', simply out of our pockets reach.
Then...Spotlight had a sale!! Woot!!

A very basic new machine for me for $89 and a new portable one for Dragonnett Lass for $40 and you have two very happy sewists!!

Sadly, the 'Flu then hit our house hard with everyone taking their turn, so it was a long while before I could even open the box!!

Then, finally, I could feel the lure again.

We have moved from our lovely but highly stressful 4 bedroom home to a teeny 2 bedroom unit so I now have limited places to sew. But never fear beautiful readers, where there is a will, there is always a way!

Our kitchen table! Well, by kitchen I mean only -lol-. The spot many of us space-limited sewists use all around the world!
With the added bonus of our spare tv (that my darling DragonPapa went and hooked up for me to use use as I sew!!

Sewing @ the kitchen table
So, I rummaged about in my way-too-many-patterns and found a new one I just found at my Rummage Sale - complete with the size pattern pieces already traced and cut out! Love when that happens!

40 mins later, I had a pair of Avengers fleecy pants for Hatchling Lass... that was too small. Whoops! She finally grew a bit I guess. So correction, after 40 mins, I had a pair of Avengers fleecy pants for Hatchling Lad and 12 mins after that, a 'proper' fitting pair this time for Hatchling Lass -haha-

Not bad if I say so myself!!

Hatchling Lad in his new pants

Hatchling Lass in her (now fitting) pants

2 down and 2 to go now! Dragonett Lass has informed me on apparently how her pants are to be... gotta love 9yr olds -lol-!

I am so glad to have my sewjo back - my sewing list is looooong and only gets longer by the day...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beeswax Wraps From Nicnak

As long time readers know, we are moving away from disposable stuff here and looking at more reusable items. 

When you think of reusable in the kitchen, most people think about lunchboxes or Tupperware and the like. But what about cling wraps? I know that in a family of 6, we would use a LOT of cling wrap and to be honest, I never really gave it much thought - terrible isn't it! Not only the use and waste of plastics, but the money as well!! 

So when a friend started making beeswax cotton wraps to replace her cling wrap, I had to learn more.

She uses her own bees wax from her backyard and washed cotton squares of differing sizes. As beeswax is naturally antibacterial, it's a great addition to our kitchen instead of chemical filled plastics.

So I had to try it!

We bought frogs, cupcakes and two different stars and off to school they went, with Dragonmumma a bit worried that they wouldn't come home. But it was great! The kids loved the prints and the ease of use (Dragonett Lad not a fan of cling wrap) and a quick wipe and they were ready to go the next day.

Since then, we have gotten some more - the bugs ones are awesome!!

A definite Winner Here!!

*none of these photos are mine as I'm too lazy today - I pinched them all from Nicnak's Facebook page so go have a look yourself and tell 'm DragonMumma sent ya!!

Bowl Cover

Helping Bread Rise

Different Wraps


Range Available
I am definitely saving up to order some BIIIIIG pieces to wrap loaves of bread and dinner sized platters from Elaine!!