Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our New Lini!

I have long wanted a Thermomix after a friend  introduced me to it.

But at $2000 it is really out of our reach.

So I resigned myself to gazing with envy at my friends TMX -lol-

Then recently, we were introduced to the Bellini Intelli and after joining The Bellini Addicts group on FB, DragonPapa and I decided to dip into our savings and buy one at the After Christmas Sales.

And can I say - IT'S AWESOME!!


It's certainly not a TMX, but for the price, it is perfect! We have already done several successful recipes already.
DragonPapa wants to start recording the success so we'll be doing a new section for that soon.

 One of the things that we are most excited about making is our own butter!!

I have tried so many supermarket butters, and hated them all, so simply thought I didn't like butter. Wouldn't you know?? LOVE our Bellini Butter!!

Simply - we bought discounted cream from the supermarket for 80c (I think) and followed the recipe in the Bellini book - found Here

Butter (Customer Recipe Contribution) 
600g cream 
500ml cold water 
Tablespoon sunflower oil (we used Olive)
Pinch of salt 
1. Insert Stirring Blade into Bowl with Mixing Tool. Add cream. 
Speed 3 for around 7 minutes. 
2. Remove the Bowl and strain the “butter” through the straining Bowl. 
You can choose to keep the buttermilk for later use in cakes or biscuits. 
3. Put “butter” back into the Bowl, add the cold water, mix at speed 3 for around 35 seconds. 
4. Strain it again to remove the buttermilk. 
Place the “butter” back into the Bowl, add sunflower oil & salt. 
5. Remove the Mixing Tool. Blend at speed 3 for around 30 seconds.

Looking forward to sharing more in the future...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fruit Glorious Fruit!


A dear friend of mine invited us fruit picking at her place and we had a fantastic time roaming all over. We ended up with a whopping entire basketful of 2 different sorts of peaches and 2 different sorts of plums. There is nothing tastier in my opinion, than fresh, organic fruit, straight from the tree. 

So we got to preserving! 

I haven't preserved anything for a long while due to being so unwell and the last time I did, it wasn't all that successful. But with some advice from another forager friend who is putting up her own preserves at the moment (see her blog here - Adventures In Preserving )

Then we traded a Jar of Peaches for some home grown Zucchinis - some didn't even make it to the kitchen...Hatchling Lass ate nearly the whole thing!!!

...then the last bit was finished off by Hatchling Lad.

DragonPapa has already eaten a jar or two of peaches, so it looks like I am going to have to hurry up and do more!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Learning A New Craft

 For years I tried to learn how to crochet - and I mean yeeeeeeeaaaaars! :D But never was I successful.
Then, after I admired a friends wool work on FaceBook, she directed me to Mikey and Diva Dan's videos on youtube - 

and I was off!! 

I started by making squares - or dishcloths as I call them. They were easy way to practice the various stitches and get into the rhythm - but it wasn't all smooth sailing as these in-progress photos show...

Occasionally my count was off ~lol~ but I was getting better all the time...

After I had made about 40 of these of all sizes and colours, I sat down one day with a cheap ball of yarn (because i will ONLY call it wool when it is ACTUALLY wool! haahaa!) and started to crochet.
Admittedly I was power-marathoning Supernatural as I had just got DragonPapa into it and he HAD to catch up! LOL! But I always NEED to be doing something with my hands when I watch TV and crochet is perfect for it!

By Season 3 I was up to here and heading into my usual problem with my sides...

So Pretty!! LMAO!! But I refused to frog it ( apparently that means to undo it) , so I kept going. Often I had 'help'... even if I didn't want it ;)

But finally, I was done!! You would not believe how proud of me I was!! I had been sick for so long, I hadn't accomplished much other than Parent Orientated, so to branch out was invigorating!!

Now, I am making another one as the kids all complained about who got to use it and I am looking forward to learning more. Now that I have several of the basic stitches fairly well covered, I want to learn how to read patterns and make more complex things - tally hoooo!!