Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We're Back!!

Hi everyone!!

Well, it's been a really interesting 19 months since I shut this blog down. New lives have joined us, new life directions, new experiences - it's certainly been a ride!

It occurred to me that since I have been getting well again (loooong story, one day I'll tell it) I might crack open this blog again and see how we go.

So here's a run down of the past 2 years -

Hatchling Lad joined us last year
DragonPapa decided to hand in his resignation as he was being severely bullied and was having to take time off on stress leave and to care for me.
As I was so sick, we decided that we had to enroll the kids in school and found a fabulous one that the kids have blossomed in.
Our landlord needed our home for his son, so we have moved from our awesome but extremely stressful 4 bed Vineyard property into a friends 2 bed unit -lol-
DragonPapa is now studying
I am slowly but surely getting well after being sick for many years
I now run a Organic Bulk Food Co-Op
I have taught myself Crochet and still sew and read

It's been a full year with all that plus heaps more, all on top of running a family on a tight budget and 4 kids lol

So I am hoping to resurrect this blog into a "Blessings We Have" sort of thing - our world has had the extremes of dark and light times, so here's hoping that we get more Light and see the Garden of our lives blossom more this year! So over the next few days, I'll be updating and cleaning up the blog, getting it ready for the next phase of our lives.

Onwards and Upwards my Friends!!

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