Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rummage Sale Goodness!!

Okay, It has been about 18months (if not more) since I went to my Rummage Sale. We worked it out today that I have been going for about 6yrs - was pregnant with Dragonett Lad when we started going with "She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"-LOL-.

But, due to the fact that it was the first day back at school for Dragonett Lass and *WOOT* Dragonett Lad's FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL!! we decided out of the blue to head down and say hi!

It was lovely catching up with the regulars. They had all seen the kids grow up :) and been there through my continuing ill health, so it was really nice to touch base again.

The best bit of course were the bargains!

Our first piece of 'Art'

For My Crochet - to keep safe from little fingers

 Just need to figure out how to re-line the case

And of course, the obligatory clothes, jars and reading books for Dragonmumma. We also scored a teeny tiny lightsaber for Hatchling Lad, a pair of heel roller skates for Dragonett Lass, and a lovely rug for the 'loungeroom' of which I'll get a photo once it's scrubbed and dried. 
I also found a black corset I hope will fit ;)
And a few other bits and pieces

All for the princely sum of $15

*I think I also managed to convert DragonPapa to the joys of Rummage Sales -hahahaa-*

Till next time

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