Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Introducing Hatchling Lad!!

While on Hiatus, we welcomed Hatchling Lad to our little Dragon Family.

His birth Story is Here

Our Hatchling Lass was only 6months old when we discovered that we were expecting Hatchling Lad.
To say we were surprised would be the understatement of the century! Cue DragonMumma 'retiring to her bed' with tissues and doonas for three days until it sunk in.

But once we got our heads around it all, we got down to welcoming the newest addition. Go read the birth story for a more indepth view lol.

After his eventful arrival, we have been blessed every day with this cheerful little soul!!

He was on the 75-80th percentile for his head, but barely topped the 5th for the rest of him. Poor little mite. Our Big-Headed Bubba. LOL

Dragonett Lass is in raptures at being a Big Sister again! We have to keep reminding her that she's a child, not a parent, but for all that, she's amazing!

Dragonett Lad loves being a Big Brother, but is a little rough - all part of his personality, we are working on that.

Hatchling Lass - well, she has been awesome - what can I say - my dragonetts are all spectacular little kids! She is simply fascinated by him.

Our Incredible Little Bonus Bubba!!

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