Saturday, March 23, 2013

Light Bulb Moment...

We were at violin today and the teacher asks Dragonett Lass to play something she played perfectly a year ago. Dragonett Lass put her violin down and simply said "I don't want to do violin any more, I want to quit" and that was that! Out of the blue!! Didn't want to discuss it, she had said what she wanted, that was that.

So, of course, I wanted to find out what was up. We left our lesson early and while we were in the car getting our usual Saturday After Violin Treat, we talked about what happened.

Now, some background here - I have been more and more convinced that Dragonett Lass has some sort of learning difficulty - she really seems to struggle with retention and recall with her reading and writing.

Well, today.......

We chatted about why the sudden change in violin and the following comment confirmed my thoughts..

"Mumma, I play one song and it's fine, but as soon as I have to play a different one, it gets all swirled in my head and all the notes get jumbled up. Then I don't know where they go! I hate it!"

then I asked if anything else felt like that...

"Yeah, just like when we do homeschool work"

uh huh! Knew it!

Okay, so what now..............................................?

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