Saturday, February 23, 2013

Listening to Children Play

It is SO interesting to listen to children playing families. We currently have Dragonett Lass's best friend over for the night and they are playing "Grownups" or "Families" or whatever they are calling it today :D

Dragonett Lass is pretending to be the Mother and her friend is pretending to be a 'grownup teenager" BWAHAHA - is there even such a thing?? LOL

 They are playing in the other room and I hear my daughter saying ...

"I understand that you are feeling XXXX..." 


"I acknowledge that you are saying XXX..." 

and lots of 

"Do you need some time to yourself to organise your thoughts?"

and finally

"Sweetie, sweetie, you are totally allowed to feel that way!"

LMAO!! Do you think she has heard it once or twice in her life?? :D

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