Friday, February 8, 2013

Busy is the life of the Home Schooler

There are a few questions that are constantly asked of home schoolers and they can be sometimes the most annoying. I can totally understand the questions most times, but it can still be annoying and occasionally, even insulting. 
If you ask out of true and honest curiosity, no home schooler will ever begrudge you a true and often indepth and lengthy (lol) answer. But ask out of ignorance and scorn or mocking and you will get the same back.

The most common one - and I'll stake a $100 meal on this - is...

 "How will they (the kids) be socialised?" 

That question always brings to mind for me, children shut up in a 1800's School Room at the top of a Country House, hidden above the servants, being taught by a Governess, rarely to be seen by 'real' people.... LMAO!!!

and the second is

"Who teaches them?"

Um.... I do? lol

So instead of the usual explanations that I give, I will just share how our week has been going.

So far this week, we have been to Violin class, church, lunch with family, op shopping, normal shopping, playground, Monarto Zoo, Girl Guides, went to a trial class for Calisthenics  played with friends and we will be going to the markets, doing some clothes shopping for a Special Dinner Dress for Dragonett Lass, have some friends over for a playdate, go to evening Friday night church, start dance for the term and then we are back to violin lesson again. Then, on top of that, we did our normal schooling work, violin practice, played outside, did our science experiments, animal care, house care, family care stuff..... and this was a quiet week as well because I had a migraine and was out of commission for two days, so we missed Craftie Day with friends and we also missed going to a new home schooling group with other friends.

It's a struggle to find a time when we are at HOME, let alone avoid any social situations where the kids might be socialised - LOL

Into this, we want to figure out where to fit in language lessons, martial arts, swimming classes, not to mention things for Dragonett Lad as well, also not forgetting all the different homeschooling group activities and catching up with schooling and non-schooling friends - all without overwhelming and burning out the dragonetts. 

lol - a tired little person there

I will say this - I am an Introvert with social anxieties and Prosopagnosia/Face Blindness, so for me, home is safe and comforting and where I want to be. But I have two very extroverted children who thrive in being out and about with friends and people, So yes, the social question DOES have meaning for me. I do worry that I'm not helping the kids get enough social time and adding in the loss of our friend at the beginning of last year, which has done real damage to my kids and me, it all something that can have the potential to keep me up nights.
So I do work hard to make sure that my kids are happy and have friends and social situations and play. It does affect me negatively sometimes and we will have days where we cut all contact off with the outside world and just hunker down and have family time. Because to my thinking, I am just as important to this family as the kids are and MY need for privacy and alone time is just as important as the kids need for social interaction. 

But for the most part, we have a very full and rewarding social life.

And as for the second question - most of which I covered in the top half, all I will say is this - my kids will learn, because they are in a loving and supportive environment with parents who want the very best for their kids, both for now AND in the future.

And for those not on my Facebook - here's a post I did on the way back from spending the day at Monarto Zoo...and yes, they were in the back, playing these after spending the day walking around a MASSIVE plains Zoo (and on a hot day too - whoops, we didn't realise it was going to be over 35! LOL)

QUESTION 1- You have a choice, which would You choose? 

About 40 different games, ranging from mildly educational to Angry Birds to playing with photos....


an interactive app on Mitosis aimed at highschoolers/uni students.

THEN remember that you are 7 years old.....


QUESTION 2 - all the same games and apps of fun 


an app on frog dissection aimed at high schoolers

Then remember you are 3 yrs old


LMAO!!! But remember that by home schooling, I am damaging these kids and they will not be able to function in modern society......... HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

LOL! Forgive the last comment, I was told that by someone recently and it made me lol then and now! :D

The iPad Apps that are mentioned above and always in use here are - 

Both are firm favourites!

So next time you meet a homeschooler and those questions are dying to be asked, just remember, they might not even have time to explain what they do!! 


Anyway - Here are a few photos of our day at the Zoo!


We asked the Dragonetts what their Favourite animals were and Dragonett Lass answered the giraffes of course. Dragonett Lad was silent so we prompted him with some of the animals we saw that we thought he might have liked - rhinos, lions, meerkats, chimps - all the usual kid favourites. He just looked at us like our heads were covered in slime - lol. Very thoughtfully and with great consideration, he finally answered....

The Mongolian Horses!

Aawwww, that's my dragonett!!

In other news this week - a small visitor discovered while tending to the animals...

Can you see it??

What about now?? SO CUTE!! Tiniest Mantis I have ever seen! Very cute!

And it was my FIL's birthday recently and I wanted to do more than just the usual chocies or DVD or wine - so I made a few things. After I made and then hated what I had made (heehee) I then decided to make him things to go with Wine and Chocolates.... 

I loved the Wine Bottle Jacket and will be making more of those, but I wasn't that thrilled with the Car Caddy, but I hope that FIL does :D

Dragonett Lass's knitted violin bag finally gave up the ghost and unravelled, so at 11pm (who am I kidding, that's my NORMAL start-to-sew time LOL) I decided to whip her up a new bag for her books... came out lovely!!

And finally - I have FINALLY gotten photos of my latest Freecycle gift of my Fowlers Jars - Over 200!!

All I need now is some more sized 14s and a bunch of 3s and I'll be set!! YAY!!

Until next time - stay safe, stay happy and stay blissed and bless those you can!!

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