Monday, January 28, 2013

Zipper Monsters So Far.....

I have managed to make three zipper monsters so far - One for Hatchling, one for Dragonett Lad and one for Dragonett Lass.

So much fun to make - will now make some for the Dolly Drive - People who are making dolls and toys for hospital children's wards - TSL Dolly Drive 2013

Online tutorial and printable pattern shapes from /hill.yeah/ - Tutorial: Munster

They are really easy to make and for me, they were my first zipper AND my first slippery stretch sewing as well. 

The stripy one was my first try and both the Dragonetts argued over who was getting it.... so I suggested that I could make them their own - and off it went! lol

Dragonett Lad requested two eyes and arms - I had some space fabric left over from his tote bag that made a fantastic monster!

Dragonett Lass requested wings instead of arms on hers

Not only that, but they are fantastic scrap users and the very best bit??

The Dragonetts LOVE them!!!

So WIN all round! :D

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