Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Greenhills Adventure Park

It was the First Day Of School here today, with everyone heading off to their different classes, tears and nervousness for the youngies and anticipation for the experienced schoolies. School holidays had ended and now it was time to go back to books and classrooms and learning.....



Nope, we headed off to the local amusement park - Greenhills Adventure Park - one of the parents in my homeschooling group had organised a day there.

We had a BLAST!! I haven't been there since I was a little girl myself, Dragonett Lass has been with the Grand-dragons once before and Dragonett Lad, DragonPapa and of course Hatchling had never been.

The Dragonetts have made us promise that we will go back again soon - I told them as soon as I can walk without collapsing! (Lots of stairs and paddle boats and stairs and walking and stairs and did I mention the stairs? LMAO)

Now THAT is how we spend OUR First Day Back At School!! YAY!!

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