Friday, December 14, 2012


Hatchling was fast asleep on her playmat while I was pottering around.

All of a sudden, she starts wailing and I mean truly sobbing.

I rush over thinking maybe she punched her self in the face, or knocked her arm... Looking at her, I can't see what the problem is as her wails increase.

She is now sobbing quite hard - something is really upsetting her!

I go to pick her up and realise what is wrong.

Her little fist isn't just resting by her head, oh no, her little fist is firmly clenched in her hair and pulling quite hard!


Poor thing! The more she got upset, the harder she pulled, which made her more upset! Which meant she pulled harder! Awwwwww

Am I a bad parent because I was PMSL as I comforted her?  :D

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