Monday, December 31, 2012

Seeing Out the Old Year.....

And seeing In the New!!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pinterest Prepper

I found a fabulous find on Pinterest today 


a pin board for Doomsday Preppers as they are apparently called now. I prefer Survivalist.

I haven't looked at nearly enough, but what I did look at, was great! 

This is a fabulous resource for any Prepper!

*heads off to look at more*

Friday, December 14, 2012


Hatchling was fast asleep on her playmat while I was pottering around.

All of a sudden, she starts wailing and I mean truly sobbing.

I rush over thinking maybe she punched her self in the face, or knocked her arm... Looking at her, I can't see what the problem is as her wails increase.

She is now sobbing quite hard - something is really upsetting her!

I go to pick her up and realise what is wrong.

Her little fist isn't just resting by her head, oh no, her little fist is firmly clenched in her hair and pulling quite hard!


Poor thing! The more she got upset, the harder she pulled, which made her more upset! Which meant she pulled harder! Awwwwww

Am I a bad parent because I was PMSL as I comforted her?  :D

And because I can.....

aaaawwwwwww a sleeping beauty

Sew From Your Stash

Sew From Your Stash is a Facebook group that I joined recently. It is as it says - the aim is to sew completely from your fabric stash without succumbing to the lure of the siren call of the Fabric Store.


As I have WAY too much fabric for someone who doesn't actually have a sewing STORE, I felt it was a good thing for me to do.

So I will share my 'Stash' here and over the next year, hopefully I will be able to reduce my stash down by heaps.

The only Out Clause I am allowing myself is when I have a direct need - as in a birthday gift or the like - and I DON'T have that exact fabric. Example - I make a crayon roll for a child who loves dinosaurs but I don't have any suitable fabric. But buying fabric because it is cheap or on special or 'just because I MIGHT use it' is No Go!!

So, here we go...I spent two days sorting and organising and clearing out my Fabric Stash for this Photo Shoot - believe me when I say that I probably threw out this much again!

This is probably about 2/3 of my Fabric Stash.

The top of my shoulders just reached the top of the pile - so if I was facing this, my face would be looking directly at my red box of patterns on top

Inside my storage drawers

What my boxes look like inside 

Side board is full as well - these are the 'special fabrics' that I don't want lost in the general Stash. Fabrics like the ones I used for Dragonett Lass' birthday gifts.

I know that I am missing a box of Christmas Fabric, which believe me when I say I am MOST perturbed about - as that fabric was supposed to be for THIS Christmas (was bought in the Sales beginning of this year)
There is also about 60 metres of polar fleece missing - the kids steal my polar fleece seconds after it enters this house!! They love to use it for cubbies and blankets and the like. 

I am also missing two boxes of girls dress fabric - shirred dress fabrics to be precise and it is the real kick in the teeth!! 25 metres of shirred dress fabric that I was going to make into Summer clothes for Dragonett Lass. Ggggrrrrrrrrrr!!! 

But otherwise, this is now it! I literally can NOT fit even a FQ in anywhere,  so now comes the task of using it all up!!

Off We Sew!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are you thinking of being a Home Birthing Dad? Got Questions?

Here's a blog that came up on my Pinterest

It's a great idea and I think I'll get DragonPapa to do the same thing here!!

Also, other than being very very sick, here's the reason for my absence...