Monday, October 22, 2012

Surprises and Delights

Okay, a very quick two part-er here...

Part One - Awww Growing Up

First of all - Dragonett Lass was sitting next to me on Saturday night as we watched some TV on the computer. All of a sudden, she yelped and spat into her hand - out of nowhere (at least to me LOL) her tooth had fallen out!!

Cue the Tooth Fairy - or as Dragonett Lass figured out ages ago- DragonPapa  :D


This is what happens in this house when you try to spend a few minutes on your own..... HAHAHAHAHAA

Dragonett Lad decided that the fish needed feeding before I was there - so goodbye to our new container of Fair Trade Coffee (for visitors), a $20 worth of fish food, some pepper and apparently some bubble mixture "fish need fun Mumma"  *headdesk*

So currently, the stoned fish are swimming strangely (yeah, I'm not holding out much hope for their survival after the Dragonett Lad Feeding) in their hospital tank, awaiting transportation to the new (to them) bigger fishtank with the power filter while I get up the courage to scrape the Coffee/Fish Food/Pepper/Bubble Mixture out.

Can I just say, it is an "interesting" smell....... *gag*

So yes, I again haven't learnt/remembered that taking 5 minutes to wash my hair in the shower (what DOES Dragonett Lad have against me washing my hair???) and suffering through strong regular Braxton Hicks pain and discomfort at the same time means Destruction and Mayhem here.... and I wanted another one!!

*wanders away, thinking "What WAS I thinking????"*


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