Saturday, October 27, 2012


Well, as you know now - lol - it is Dragonett Lass's 7th birthday today.

7 years! It seems to have shot past with out my even noticing!!

*sniff sniff *

*clears throat *

Huummmm, anyway. This year, we went a more handmade approach - as DragonEggling is due in about a week or two and I'm having some pain issues, money and time are very tight. Plus she has chosen a exxy Daddy Dinner for after the baby is born as well.

So off to Spotlight (as mentioned in a previous post) to get some of their Far Far Away Fabric Collection and together, DragonPapa and I made her three things. There was going to be more, but as each item takes me about 5+ hours apiece..... LOL - too many 3/4/5am finishes after the kids are in bed is too much for this little pregnant DragonMumma!!

But, as of 4am this morning, I have officially FINISHED!! 

Everything sewn, wrapped, cooked and prepared for Birthday Happiness that is today!!

So here, very quickly, is what we made for our Eldest Dragonett...

Her Very Own Messenger Bag from Zaaberry (see linky in the Links Of Interest Section  >>>>)
A Notebook Cover
A Texta and Pen Roll (with New Textas and Pens to start her off right!)

As you can see, we branched out and even put a double pocket on the front on her bag!
And all in her Favorite Ever Colour - PINK!! 

lol! As if there was any doubt! HAHA

So - Bag...

Then, Notebook Cover...

and Texta & Pen Roll...

DragonPapa and I created and sewed the Notebook Cover and Pen Roll without any tutorials or instructions - I for one am extremely chuffed with our success!!

So, here's hoping that they are well received.

Happy Birthday My Darling!! 


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