Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Master Piece

We have another birthday party this weekend - Dragonett Lass's Best Friend in fact.

So, off to Spotlight Dragonett Lass and I went last week and she picked out a stunning patterned fabric from the Far Far Away Quilting Collection - of which I went back today and got the other patterns for Dragonett Lass's own birthday gifts ;P

So, for another Birthday Present (and again for a LOT longer than I ever think it will take - let's just say that 4-5am finishes with tidying/finishing touches to do the next day is WAY too long in my mind - lol) I have made her friend a Zaaberry Messenger Bag.

I've always forgotten to photograph the lining - I am proud of my linings - lol.
I had quite a bit of white wedding satin left over and it works an absolute treat as lining for these bags.

I also lengthened the the flap from 8" to 10" and I think it looks better after I made it.

So here's fingers crossed.

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