Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Sewing Success!!

I know right?? Like, WTH??? lol

But I actually did it!!

I sewed something and it came out looking fabulous - even if I do say so myself!! *preens mightily*

I was trying to find something to make for some good friends children party and was directed to a blog by a member on a Facebook Sewing group

Zaaberry Kids Messenger Bag Tutorial

It's a free tute for a kids bag - I figured, why not give it a whirl?

Now, the kids have been very ill all week - 39+ degree temps, coughs, just a horrible time - then I got it as well - yay, pregnant AND sick!! What could be a better combo?? *rolleyes* lol

So it was put off. Then it was time - the party was upon us and I had to put up or go shop! NNNOOOOO!!


So, after many hours of sewing and DragonPapa's assistance (more hours than it should of, but I won't say exactly how long.... we all have our pride ya know! LMAO!!) I finished up with two stunning Messenger Bags - and the best bit? The Birthday Children loved them!!

As we have quite a few birthdays coming up, I foresee many more of these coming from this house!!

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