Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Poem for Why I Home Birth

Stolen from Facebook

Can I labor over there?
Can I labor on the chair?

No! Don't labor over there!
You cannot labour on a chair!
Lie on the bed and you will see
You must labor with this IV!

I do not like this sharp IV!
I need to move, to dance, to pee!
Doctor, Doctor, let me be;
Get your pesky hands off me!

No! You can’t move, or dance, or pee!
You must labor with this IV!
Not over there, not on the chair,
Not with the ball, you’ll have a fall!

Can I labor with a doula?
Can I use some calendula?
Can I push on hands and knees?
Can I birth just how I please?

No! Not with a doula! What’s calendula?
Lie back, legs back and count to ten,
Hold your breath and push again!

No thank you, doctors, nurse, and crew,
I’d rather labour without you.
I’ll walk and labour here and there!
In the shower – everywhere!
I’ll labor standing, squatting, sitting
I’ll labor on my couch while knitting!
I’ll have a doula – I’ll have three!
They’ll let me eat and bring me tea.
Try them! Try them! You will see!
And you can shove that darned IV.

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