Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Blooming Bath has Arrived!!!!

Would you believe it? My Blooming Bath has arrived today!!

I Know!! How quick was that?

Of course, the kids were into it before I could even grab the camera, so the only photos I have are the ones where Dragonett Lass has already 'set' everything up.

Can I say, that dealing with Michelle, the owner of Skelliwags, was simply delightful? I couldn't be happier with this transaction!!

The bath is SO soft, the washcloths are heavenly - and might I add - the perfect size?? I dislike using flannels because it always felt like I was wrestling with both baby AND washcloth, flannels are that little bit too big. These washcloths are just perfect - fit my hand, no whippy bits to catch bubba's face and SO soft! They use the offcuts from the Blooming Baths to make the washcloths so that appeals to my sense of reusing and smaller footprints - all that jazz :)

Just to recap - I ordered a Turquoise Blooming Bath, with one set (of 2) turquoise washcloths and one set (of 2) Hot Pink washcloths. 

I also got a lovely gift from Michelle/Skelliwags of a Bright Yellow Washcloth - So I actually got the whole set anyway - Just like I wanted!! YAY!!

Overall, I am very impressed with the whole shebang - from ordering to receiving (recyclable packaging - perfect!!) to having a practice go - is was smooth, faultless and simply Divine! There were also personal touches that I personally adore in any seller - either online or IRL! 

And finally, I don't know how I am going to last the next 9 weeks until I get to use it for real!!

Thank You Michelle and Thank You Skelliwags!!

(We ended up practicing in the tiny bathroom sink, as my kitchen sink still has breakfast stuff in it - don't judge lol)

And one cute thing to share. As soon as the packaging was opened, Dragonett Lad was asking what it was for. Now he still hasn't quite grasped the fact that there is another baby on the way, so was confused about why we needed a baby bath "But I go in big bath Mumma....?" lol
But he understood it was for washing, so while Dragonett Lass and I were checking it all out, he ran off and got a bowl of water... to help wash the doll!! Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww 
*cue heart melting*

Edited to add - apparently I should add this - I have bought this personally from Skelliwags. It was not a gift or a trial or whatever bloggers do to get free stuff in exchange for a review on a blog. 
Basically, I saw, I loved, I searched, I failed to find one I could afford here. A friend posted it on FB, Her friend found Skelliwags and the rest, as they say, is history! So know that this review is completely unbiased - unless you count the fact that I am a hard person to please when it comes to spending my money. :D

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  1. Boyo helping to wash made me go "awwwwww" in a squeaky way :).


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