Friday, August 3, 2012

Moderated Blog

Just real quick here, as I'm still not 100% and still trying to get this house under control again.

In response to a number of comments I have had recently...
This IS a moderated blog.

That means that I control what gets published and what doesn't.

Now, I get that this is gonna piss some people off, but really - I could not care less - literally - could NOT care any less.
Normally, every now and then, I will get spam or a comment sent through that I will not publish. It actually says that in the part where you comment - so I'm not really sure why some people are surprised.

Let me explain it in very simple terms - this is MY blog. I read this blog as well as others. I use this as a reminder for things, for a smile, for links whatever. This is MY little section of Internet Space.

I read all the comments, post nearly all of them, but I will NOT approve anything to do with certain peoples, who to me personally, appear completely insane and rabid - I will not. I do not want that sort of infection of hatred on this blog. If you have a different point of view and can voice it calmly and rationally, maybe - but insults will get your comment deleted immediately. I also do not post things that attempt to 'prove me wrong' lol. But good try there :)

Oh and no, I don't block people either - feel free to continue posting comments by all means - I have shared them all with friends and shared a good laugh with a handful of them!

So, feel free to wander through, leave a comment if you like, but understand that it is a moderated blog and that I don't automatically post everything just because someone can use a computer and leave a comment.

Excellent! Now that we are all on the same page - let's go and enjoy life!!

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