Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a Reminder - Rear Face VS Forward Facing - Kids and Cars

Something that popped up on my FaceBook feed and I felt it was due for another boost here on my blog as well. Rear Facing Kids Vs Forward Facing Kids

and a link that has been on this blog for nearly the entire time

My comment on the page that shared this...
 I wanted to say one thing - I know people who drink and drive - and they do so BLIND DRUNK!! I'm talking drooling, slurring, can't open their eyes drunk - and they get into their cars like that. Every single thing I can do to protect my children from dickheads like that, I will do. Rear face? As long as I can!! Are their legs a little squished? Better a busted leg from someone slamming into me than a busted head or back or worse... My nearly 7yr old is in a new 5point harness and chair booster (not one of those bum booster thingies) and will be in one until I am unable to buy one to fit her. My nearly 3yr old? Same, this new baby due soon? I already have a top of the line car seat on layby/layaway - have since I found out I was pregnant. People tell me "I can't afford those" I can't afford to lose my kids. Whats $500 compared to the life of my kids? And no, we don't have much money, but we figure for us, this is more important than a newer car, or dinners out (can't remember the last time we ate out) or new clothes (secondhand cover just as much as new store bought clothes) or any of those other things I am supposed to want. /lecture lo
Seriously people, think about it like this. IF you were to be in an accident and your child was severely injured or God Forbid, killed, would you pay $500 to have them back again, whole and alive? $1000 maybe? Would you sell everything you owned, including yourself, to have them back?  That is how I think about this whole topic. I buy the best I can and do whatever I can to help keep them the safest I can possibly do. I can't control anyone else, only myself. So I do whatever I can. I  hope that you can say the same thing :) 
Because I can never get all the videos I want to load - here's some good links to watch too... and

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