Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Technically, it's tomorrow, but as I hate mornings and Wednesdays are a busy day anyway, we did my birthday tonight.

And I Loved It!!!  

From Dragonett Lad, I got my very own SONIC SCREWDRIVER!! WOOT!!

Sadly, I have lost it already - lol

He has gone around 'sonic-ing' everything open, very Doctor-like!

From Dragonett Lass, I got this very cool dragon - when you clap your hands, the blue mist/liquid swirls around - SO FECKING COOL!!!!!!

And from DragonPapa - I got my very own Fob Watch!!!!

I am one very very spoilt Whovian!! 

Editing to add - Since Dragonett Lad "appropriated" my newly built sonic, he has 'sonic-ed' the following...

all the doors and cupboards in the entire house (this includes those in the wallpaper AND the invisible ones in the walls)
all the light switches
everything that can be opened in some way
HIS NAPPY!! yup, DragonPapa had to stop on every velcro to allow Dragonett Lad to sonic it first - both on AND off!! And his pants.
My mouth, nose, eyes, ears, hands, feet, knees, etc
the cats
the violins
DragonPapa's computer
The bolts on the chairs

I think you can see where this is going.... HAHAHAHAA

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