Friday, August 24, 2012

Conversations with Kids Part 2

Conversations with Kids - Part 2

Dragonett Lad and myself were playing a game and I smelt that all familiar smell...

"Bubba, do you need a bum change?"
"Really Dragonett Lad? I can smell a pooey bum"
"Hope, all gone"
"Come on, let's go change you"
"No Mumma, I pwomise, all gone!!"
"Then how come I can smell poo?"
Pause while he thinks hard. His little eyes light up seconds later and he points to Dragonett Lass
"Sissy pooed her pants, not me!" Said extremely proudly!


Horrified and a quite insulted look appears on Dragonet Lass's face


Dragonett Lad giggles and runs to the bathroom.

We have a joker on our hands people!!

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