Saturday, August 11, 2012

Conversations with 2yr olds

Conversation between myself and Dragonett Ladd this morning- 

"Yes Bubba?"
"Nahnah gone" (dummy gone) sad face
"aw sweetie, we'll look for it"
"Nooo, gone" sadder face with shoulder slump added, whilst looking at toes
"I'm sorry Bubba, we will go look right now, okay?"
"Daddy gone" lip quiver
"Daddy will be home soon love, I promise"
"Sissy Gone" slumps in chair in bathroom whilst we are looking for Dummy/Nahnah
"Sissy is just at her friends house for a sleepover, she will be home soon"
"No, nonononono - all gone. Gone gone gone, Nahnah, Daddy, Sissy, all gone" remains slumped over, looking very dejected.
Heart breaking here, whilst also trying not to simultaneously laugh and cry.
"Oh sweetie"
Squat down, meet his eyes.
"Daddy and Sissy will be home soon, Nahnah is somewhere in the house and do you need a huggle?"
Huggles given and pats on the back (to me - awwwwwwwww)
He then very bravely (making sure I saw) came and played magnetics with me.

Awwww, the distraction of imaginary spaceships and cameras (these are his photos)

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