Friday, July 6, 2012

Making Books and Creativity

I recently got given a spiral binder book maker and all the fixin's.

And I have been in HEAVEN!!

And, I might add - so have my children!! lol

So far we have made

Tattoo Book
Drawing Book
Transport Book
Writing Book
and heaps more - I think you can get the picture :D

and the past few days - I have gone crazy making books... all from freebie downloads and printables

 And the creative bug has infected the whole house. We have had an explosion of imaginative play and crafties of all sorts, reading, writing - it has been fabulous!! Here are a few examples...

Dragonett Lass' first unassisted/self governed collage - it's a scene - yellow sun, orange mountains, blue stream, pink flower, green grass, etc - simply marvelous!

Some very detailed penmanship!! We have also had TONS of self directed reading and writing and math work here as well!

Doing some 'mechanic' work on the
It's been a really interesting time - the most interesting part was that I have been alternating between being swept under by this pregnancy (yuckiness) and trying to catch up with the stuff I have fallen behind in - such as the washing, housework, etc - so by default, the kids have had less of "me" directing their days and more of me leaving them to their own devices of a sort. So they have had to entertain themselves - and they have!! We also removed the temptation of screens - the iPad accidentally got smashed and we stopped nearly ALL screen time as well! It has been extremely interesting to see the results - heaps of self directed play!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens now :D

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