Monday, July 23, 2012

Conformity and the Real World

Here is a very good article on why we are so determined to home school - as posted by a friend on Facebook.
It can be a little more .... 'strongly worded' than I like - many children do well in school and actually love it - some even need to be at school - it is their only view of a more 'normal' world - but for us personally, it spoke to me on many levels!

Especially this bit...

"The system is producing alright, but what it is producing is an obedient army of efficiently conformed adults, who have accepted an artificial reality and are trained to stay on a conveyor belt for fear of some abstract idea of ‘failure’"

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gonna be a Break for a While

Just updating my blog to let you all know that there will be a break for a while. I have been quite sick as well as in the middle of a massive re-organisation/nesting spurt. Pictures will follow (for the times I have remembered to take them LOL) of the Befores and Afters - but it will take a long while, so be patient.

Be Back Soon!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stage One - Commencing

Okay - today, we started Stage One of Changing Our Lives.

Well, kinda! LOL

One of the things I want to do is have our own veggie garden. The health benefits are fabulous and the learning is a great home schooling source and it lines up with our getting back to a simpler way of life.

I DO have to be careful - if I overdo it, then we are screwed for AGES while I heal. So, with that in mind we started with a little garden.

We recently bought the kids some (very) cheap tools and gloves as well as myself and we ALL got stuck in today!! Even Dragonett Lad!! By the end, we had a weed (and anything else that was struggling to survive in there) free garden!!

Now, I am going to 'rest' it for a few weeks - just to see what pops up now that we have wiped the face of it clean :P

I DID have "GREAT PLANS" for it all, but realised quite quickly that it is NOT a fabulous place for those plants (part sunny, mostly shady), so back to the drawing board.
Worse comes to worse, it will be my new herb garden and I will have to think of somewhere else to plant my other veggies.

Oh, Edited to add - I meant to show that our friendly neighbourhood Phascolarctos cinereus is back!! Again, just sitting in our driveway, narrowly avoiding being squished. But we are glad to see that He/She is safe!

A Very Quick Post

This is just a quick post - as I wait for the photos from the weekend to download from my camera (nearly 1000 photos and about 30 videos) means that it takes a little while.

I was wondering - I am a huge fan of blogs. I have SO many in my reader that I will often only read those I have an interest in THAT DAY or otherwise I would do nothing else. But my ponder was this - is my blog 'strange'? Most people's blogs are focused on one or two things - homeschooling, or cooking or sewing or kids or pinterest or reenacting or whatever. But rarely do any of them cover the width of life that mine seems to.

Admittedly, this blog was originally set up as a homeschooling, home birthing blog - mainly to show (and educate LMAO) my family and friends what it is we do and why. It slowly turned into a blog of our lives. Mostly happy stuff, more recently the muddy yucky stuff as well. But everything and anything. My Rant as I call it - LOL

I was wondering if it was time to separate my blog into it's parts. I already run three other blogs as well as this one (all suffer from long lapses of neglect HA) so do I want to add more work to my already drowning lifestyle?

One of the other things is FAFF (I think I have that right - Find A Friend Friday? yes?) I am always being invited to join in things like that - blog circles and clickers and flickers and whateverthethings - but I don't feel right.
A) My blog isn't 'nice' all the time - I tend to rant and rave like a lunatic :D
and B) this blog is ALL over the place and I think why would homeschoolers want to read about my home birth or Op shoppers want to see things about my kids.... I'm not in this for the views, I'm not a 'Mommy Blogger' although, as a Mommy Blogger friend tells me, get the right niche and you can make it pay it's way - tempting LOL - ......... *thinks long and hard*

Hmmmmmmm - things to ponder and wonder about....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why do you even CARE??

I'll admit it - I did it, I did that thing I always swear I won't do, but then do - I Read The Comments.

Bleugh! *vomits copiously into the wastepaper basket*

Afterwards, like usual, I was disgusted and pissed off. People in general seem to be just plain UGLY nowadays!

What am I raving on about? Birth - whether hospital or home, whether OB, midwife or none.

I "get" people like Dr Amy (Or Dr Shamey as she is called here - when I'm being polite, mind you) and others her ilk - and even those on the other side (although, to be honest, there are very few - if any that come to mind - that are AS INSANE about bashing women like Dr Shamey) - who have their own insanities to deal with and spew their unbalanced views on any person that DARES to voice something other than their own beliefs. In fact, it is like reading the comments on an article/blog post on Hard Core Muslim/Christianity or Gay/Anti Gay - the rage and hatred is shocking - and only for the mere Venom and Rage that is expressed from both sides - ALTHOUGH the Anti Home Birth Crowd are by FAR the winners in this arena!! But they are not the only ones *looks hard at the rabid home birthers as well*

But the thought that always ends up being in my head is this one...


Why do people CARE how you birthed your baby? I 'get' the informants, the ones that feel that they have a calling to educate others - of that I have no issue with. They are usually the calm ones, the ones that point out what information they have and then they SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the woman do her own research and choices and ask further questions.

It's the rabid insult throwers, the blatant liars, the ones that post secondhand anecdata (usually bullshit) with the SOLE intent to 'prove' their point, those are the ones that have me stunned. (Yes - if you have insulted ANYONE with your comment/post/reply, then you fit here! Suck it up and deal with it!)

To those that 'fit' this bill - regardless of which side you sit on the "Birth Fence", here's what I have to say to you.

Shut The Fuck Up!

or as I think of it

No seriously, Shut Your Pie Holes. Get The Fuck Out or whatever other forum based STFU you can think of.

You are all about 'educating' women? Bullshit!! You are all about forcing your opinion, YOUR VIEW on another person! You do it with little to NO regard for their personal needs or choices. You insult everyone with your assumed knowledge of their education and understanding. By being the overbearing, insulting, rabid monster from the black lagoon, all you are doing is making yourselves seem completely insane and scaring anyone off who might actually WANT to learn more.

For all those that "care" about these supposedly poor, neglected, abused, scarred, risked to death and back again babies - you are full of SHIT! Copious amounts of it, let's be honest here. Very few of you actually give a dead rat's fart about these children. You are in it for the hate, the venom, the "I'M Right" and for most of you - the desire to prove that YOUR choice was the RIGHT one. Because God forbid, someone might be more Right than you! *GASP* NEVER!!

Are you there when the child was conceived? What about if the mother had to choose between keeping the baby or aborting it? Are you there if the mother is so sick that she is unable to work? Are you holding her hand if she miscarries? Are you the one cheering if she has a enjoyable wonderful pregnancy?

How about these ones? Are you there when she has a scare halfway through? What about if the mother is living on the streets? Or in a mansion? Were you there when she was abused? Or maybe, you were there when she battled her way through adversary - either physical or mental health issues? Or when none of these happened and she was having a 'normal, uneventful life and pregnancy'?

No, none of you were there for those and none of you were there when she decided to do what she wanted with her birth. Cesarean section, hospital birth, natural birth, home birth, free birth, what ever freaken way she chooses to get baby from in to out!

She makes her own decisions based on her own needs, wants and life experiences and future expectations.

And.... none of you will be there AFTER the birth. Not ONE of you vicious, venom spewing hags will be there when her child screams all night for no known reason. NONE of you will be there if the mother is sobbing her eyes out in the bathroom at 3 in the morning because "What the hell have I done?". For struggles with breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Absent for exploding poos and  poltergeist vomiting. If the child gets sick, if the mother has to return to work after a few days/weeks because they won't eat if she doesn't. NONE OF YOU WILL BE THERE!! You are all screaming about the safety of the child, the safety of the mother..... if you truly cared, you wouldn't JUST be there for a birth, you would be there for life!.

Should we be more open about our birthing structures?? Oh HELL yes!! Are our maternity services broken? Most assuredly 100% so! Of that I will not hesitate to agree with.

But my rant can be summed up like this...

For whatever reason a mother chooses to deliver her baby into this world, that decision is HERS and HERS ALONE. She may give that choice to her OB or midwife, she may chose to have her partner make those decisions. She may choose to research for months or not at all. She may choose to control every aspect as much as she can. Whatever she ends up choosing, we should respect that choice.

At the end of the day, all you are doing is fighting amongst yourselves. You are like a box of feral cats - fighting and spitting and clawing each other to death... instead of working together to get out of the box. You allow yourselves to get caught up in the catfight instead of realising that you are caged.

And I weep for this world, when our strongest warriors, the mothers of our futures, are busy catfighting in a box, instead of standing tall and striving to make this broken world of ours Better.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Love My Country!!

I really do!! It's not the free health care, or the democracy or even the ability to be myself and be happy - all that stuff helps.

No, the reason I love my country is THIS REASON...


And this...

Welcome to Australia Mate!! :D

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Me Stuff

This post was harder to write than most and it's not a D&M one either.

Basically, I made a decision to change certain aspects of my life - I figured if I was going to be granted this one and only life - why the HELL was I spending it trying to be like everyone else and making myself miserable in the meantime? Screw that!!

So I decided to start changing what I could. I knew that I couldn't have exactly what I wanted - pfft, other than Trump - who can? But I was going to get as close as I could!

Now, I just want to say, I love being a mother. It is - to me - extremely fulfilling. I thoroughly enjoy being with my kids. I'm not a parent that cheers at end of school holidays - well I am, but for other reasons :D - not because my kids are going back to school, but because now we can go out and DO stuff again LOL!  I don't wish that I had 'Me' time - I already do! My 'Me' time is often just hanging with the kids! It also helps that I have an extremely supportive partner that loves spending time with the kids as well - so we often tag team for some time off - a long bath and book for me (usually ends up being a few hours with the kids joining me in the end) or a long sleep in (LOVE YOU HONEY) and Hubby goes off to his friends regularly for his time 'off'.

But I figured if I was doing things to change my life - why not some of those aspects as well? I wanted to show my kids that your life isn't defined by ONE job or ONE responsibility - but by who you are and the culmination of ALL your life experiences.

So after watching Dragonett Lass doing her violin lessons and feeling the urge for a long time to do lessons as well - my darling hubby made it come true! He had been slowly paying off/saving up for my very own violin with his personal spending money!

So with great excitement, at 36 years of age,  I started my very first violin lesson this weekend - AND IT WAS FABULOUS! I had SO MUCH FUN!

So I have started on my road. I hope to include the kids in all my choices of course, but I am now doing stuff for me.

I also have started spending MY money on ME and not kids or household bills. It's not much - $20 a month, but enough that I can plan what I want, buy what I want without having to feel guilty or negotiate with my conscience (and I generally ended up NOT buying whatever it was I wanted LOL! Hubby learnt that when I bought something, if he didn't 'lose' the receipt, I would returned it within a few hours LOL)

Next -  I want to buy myself my Fish Print and a Civil War/Victorian Day Dress! (Because I fully accept that my sewing will take FOREVER LMAO!)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Making Books and Creativity

I recently got given a spiral binder book maker and all the fixin's.

And I have been in HEAVEN!!

And, I might add - so have my children!! lol

So far we have made

Tattoo Book
Drawing Book
Transport Book
Writing Book
and heaps more - I think you can get the picture :D

and the past few days - I have gone crazy making books... all from freebie downloads and printables

 And the creative bug has infected the whole house. We have had an explosion of imaginative play and crafties of all sorts, reading, writing - it has been fabulous!! Here are a few examples...

Dragonett Lass' first unassisted/self governed collage - it's a scene - yellow sun, orange mountains, blue stream, pink flower, green grass, etc - simply marvelous!

Some very detailed penmanship!! We have also had TONS of self directed reading and writing and math work here as well!

Doing some 'mechanic' work on the
It's been a really interesting time - the most interesting part was that I have been alternating between being swept under by this pregnancy (yuckiness) and trying to catch up with the stuff I have fallen behind in - such as the washing, housework, etc - so by default, the kids have had less of "me" directing their days and more of me leaving them to their own devices of a sort. So they have had to entertain themselves - and they have!! We also removed the temptation of screens - the iPad accidentally got smashed and we stopped nearly ALL screen time as well! It has been extremely interesting to see the results - heaps of self directed play!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens now :D