Friday, June 29, 2012

A Vintage Score


Okay, as per my last post, I am currently in a sewing mood - YAY!

So I popped into an Op Shop while waiting for friends and found some GORGEOUS bargains!

As we walked in, they had a bed display - usually it is something I 'aww' over and think "Oh, I would love that" but it is never enough desire to warrant actually purchasing it.

Today was different - it certainly helped that Dragonett Lass was with me and immediately begged for it.

A vintage Holly Hobbie (? or similar) bedspread cover and matching pillow case! In absolutely pristine condition!

We made a deal that we if we bought this, she would have to clear at least one of her other doona cover sets out of the cupboard - YES!!! (I know just the one I am going to chuck too - Bye Bye Barbie!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

As we were chatting to the staff - or as we were stripping the bed lol - one of the staff let us know that there was another doona cover in the racks, but no pillow case... SCORE!

In my mind, this doona cover would make the most adorable dress for Dragonett Lass! The back of the doona is the flower pattern - so that and the sides of the front would make up the bulk of the dress and the panel at the front would make an adorable apron/feature!

I apparently shocked a few people, lol! I am being awful by cutting up vintage fabric - but I figure better to upcycle and make it into something new and useful, than let it sit in the back of a linen press for another 20 yrs or worse - get destroyed and end up in landfill!!

Then, as I was looking through the rest of the linen rack, I came across THIS little beauty


Isn't it Stunning?!?!

And won't it make the BEST pants ever?!

(lol another "how could you?" comment arose from that exclamation - hey, if they felt that strongly about it, they should buy it themselves.... been there, done that, ended up with three linen cupboards of unusable fabric because "it's VINTAGE" pfft - I learnt the hard way - use it or lose it)

And to top it off, I found a skirt that MAY just fit me (after the baby's born of course) that will do simply lovely as a modesty petticoat for under my hoops!


All for the princely sum of $22! SCORE! lol

Can't wait to get started tomorrow night!!!
P.S. - Please forgive the weird formatting - Blogger is sucking the soul out of me and will NOT stay properly formatted, so apolagies to those like me who HATE bad layouts :)

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