Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Starting a new ritual

We try to read to the kids every night - sometimes it just doesn't happen. Their bedtimes are so erratic sometimes that by the time we have gotten them to 'sleep mode', WE are just too buggered ourselves to face lying down...(there has been more than one occasion where the reading adult is fast asleep and the kids have snuck out to play LOL)

But we have been working on it and we are now at the stage where we have a routine set up for the most part.

Up until tonight, we usually get the kids to pick a quick book (quick as in we can read it in one night and in about 15minutes) Any longer than 15mins, and we would lose their interest. (they are only 6 and 2)

Tonight though, we started a new book. I had been trying to get Dragonett Lass interested in more 'grown up' books, but it was a real fight - she simply didn't want to know about them. Then she watched a bit of a Harry Potter movie and when I told her that the books were MUCH better, she wanted to read those. So, I thought of a compromise - the books ** I ** loved as a child.... Enid Blyton! She still refused. "Those books are BORING Mumma!"

So tonight, after talking it up a bit and negotiating a trial night, we lay down and started to read "The Enchanted Wood".

Dragonett Lass squirmed and wriggled, Dragonett Lad was happy to just lay there and play quietly with his new obsession - BumbleBee from Transformers.

I read chapters 1 & 2.

Still, Dragonett Lass wriggled and chatted, played with the cuffs of her nightie and generally messed about.

Then we hit chapter 3 and I noticed that all had gone quiet. Dragonett Lad was fast asleep, clutching his "Bee" and Dragonett Lass was laying still, eyes wide open, apparently absorbed. I ended Chapter 3 and went to close the book.... and Dragonett Lass begged for one more chapter... YAY!

So we finished Chapter 4 and closed the book. She was SO excited to read the next chapters tomorrow night - SUCCESS!

So tomorrow night, we look forward to meeting the rest of the Folk and seeing the new adventures.... And hopefully the start of new adventures for us as well!!

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