Thursday, June 28, 2012


I KNOW!! I can scarcely believe it myself!!

As regular readers and friends will know, I am NOT the world’s best seamstress - in fact, I would go so far as to say, that after 20yrs of sewing, I honestly couldn't be any worse!! My ** 6 ** yr old is a better sewer than me, Not A Lie!!

But, like all my endeavours, I love doing it, so I continue to plod along, mangling and destroying fabric where ever I go ;)

But, I have recently been re-inspired to hurry up and at least FINISH one part of my Victorian outfit - the skirt.

I figured that I should finish off some of the more important things first - like mending DragonPapa's work pants, making Dragonett Lad his long promised pants, etc.

So, I dug out the box of 'new' patterns I had bought from the Rummage Sale ages ago, picked out a long pants pattern and gave it another try.

Now, some MAY remember THIS post over a year ago - since then, I haven't had any success since.

But this time, I tried a NEW pattern and crossing my fingers, went for it!

And I made THESE...

BUT, being that I finished it at some ungodly hour AND gave myself a Swinging headache, I had to wait until later today to try them on Dragonett Lad - to see if they really WERE as fabulous as they looked...

What do you think...? 


Pretty damn EXCELLENT if I DO say so myself!!!

*happy dance happy dance*

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