Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Face Blindness or Prosopagnosia - What it means to me day to day

I have posted before about my face blindness. While I only have a mild case - meaning I can recognise you if I know you really well with no problems most of the time. If I am anxious, sick or stressed, the chances drop like bird poop from the sky LOL! If I only see you every now and then, probably not a hope unless you have some feature that I have remembered - a walk, scent, accent, tattoo, all sorts of things.

(Note - do NOT ask what your 'clue' is if I DO remember you, unless you will definitely NOT be offended by the answer - as some people have been! Not my fault if you have a mole on your eyelid and I use that to 'remember' you :) )       

But the reason for my post today, was that a friend linked an article on FB and I read it and a following one after that - I liked them and thought that Mary K Moore's described my day perfectly.

So here's Mary K Moore's article first - and a glimpse into my day to day life...

and the original article linked by a friend

Some more reading thrown in

Good Reading :D

Note - after you read these, take a moment to think about how YOUR life might be if you had some form of this :)

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