Friday, June 29, 2012

Coming to Personal Realisations

I was reading one of my online forums and an internet friend said this...

"Goddamnit, I WILL feel better and improve my life.No matter what, I'm taking my life into my own hands"

You know what? I came to this exact same realisation a few days ago. You might remember my "what to do now?" post?

Well, I came to this realisation...

I'm done feeling like crap - this is MY life, I only have one damn shot at it - screw everyone who wants me to be "normal" or "like them and everyone else" or any of that other shit!!

'Just Like Them' is making me miserable and depressed and filling up my "can'tgiveafuckitis" cup too much!

I am going to start doing what makes ME happy - Odin Damn It! and screw anyone who thinks that they can bully me into "conforming" just to make THEM happy with their crappy life choices....

/rant - lol - paraphrased from a post I made, but the sentiment is the same.

I am going to start living MY life as * I * need to live it.

Nobody has to agree with me, nobody has to join me, but I * WILL * demand that they respect/tolerate * MY * choices.

If you don't agree, that's fine, but don't be fooled for a second - I will no longer tolerate being bullied any longer!!

So, time to change, time to alter and make the choices that make ME and my family happy!

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