Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Quick Facebook Share

I'm starting a new section (lol, like I don't have enough!!)

It's called Facebook Shares.

It's for those Facebook status and shares that crop up now and then, you know the ones. Those ones that make you remember WHY you do the things you do. The ones that you find yourself thinking days/weeks/months even years down the track "Gee, I wish I could remember where I read that..."

So I'm going to blog them here, so that I can find them again when I need that special little Pick Me Up.

A reminder of what it is about - Helping to think about NOW. Not the Future, not Then, but NOW. Focus on the children, Love not Logistics


"I wonder if staying present in my interactions with my kids would help me see parenting differently. Even if I don’t love what we’re doing at the time, even if it’s a boring game or the fifth time he changed his mind about the breakfast he wanted, if I just focused on the curl of his hair, I wonder what it would do to my heart.

If I just took a breath and stared into her eyes for a moment, pulled her in for a hug when I feel so proud of her like I do 20 times a day. I wonder if I stopped my mind racing ahead and zoomed out on our life, in that moment, distilled down to its essence, I wonder if I would see that it’s not just logistics I’m doing every day.

It’s love."

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