Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Okay, time to get this Blog working again

Well, I think that it is high time I got this blog working again as it should be. A place for me to write my thoughts and travels of the day. One day, I will even make it into a book....maybe lol

Anyway. there is so much we have done since my last proper entry that I'm not even going to try to catch up. I'm simply going to start from today.

Today, I finished off Dragonett Lass' Chore Reminder Chart. I have been googling and searching the 'Net more days trying to find the closest thing that I was happy with - seriously, there are a lot of Chore charts out there and a hell of a lot more parents that seem to expect shit loads from their kids! Seriously, a 4-6yr old's daily chores INCLUDED cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the kitchen and dusting one room a day?? And that wasn't all, they had the 'normal' sort of jobs AND rotating chores..... What, do they have... kids or slaves?? *shakes head* I know, I shouldn't judge, but even the tone of this website was burning my biscuits - "We homeschool, so my children have more time to clean" They had several kids too.... *reminds self not to judge*

I am not saying that kids shouldn't have chores - I mean, here I am making a Chore Reminder Chart, I was just gobsmacked at how many people expected their kids to do their housework for them. (I figured it out that the home schooling mom exampled above, had the kids doing nearly all the housework! I have no idea what she had left to do herself?)

Anyway, trying to stop being Judgey McJudger - if it works for them and the kids are happy, then more power to them.

But here was my problem. I wanted something that I could put pictures on that were tailored for our house and spaces for ticking them off. I found lovely 'pretty' ones and gorgeous functional ones and so on, but they either required signing up for stuff, paying a fee, printed out too small, were unable to be changed, etc.

In the end, I figured I would, as usual, make my own. A bit of fiddling around and playing with the new (yes, another one!! grr) printer and we worked something out. Of course Dragonett Lass had full say in what we were doing. After all, it was her reminder chart.

She opted for a Fantasy Theme (of course lol) so I have spent the day finding and organising and printing teeny tiny little fairies and dragons and ballerinas (and even a Dr Who!! love my kids!) Which we then had to cut out and laminate and then cut out AGAIN! (After cutting out over 100 teeny tiny pictures, I'm a little sick of them, heehee) It was good in the fact that I feel like crap, so sitting on my butt all day was kinda cool :)

Once the sticky velcro dots were placed on the back and on the reminder chart, it was finished!!

Now, I can hear a little voice saying 'Reminder?' Yeap. We have different levels of chores in our house. Some are simply Family chores, that need to be done because we all function as part of the family and we all need to do our bit to make everything run like clockwork.... well, run at least. Then we have Pocket Money Chores. If the kids want to earn pocket money, then there are chores that are available. By doing them properly, they can earn spending money.

The Reminder Chart is simply so that we can see at a glance what has been done and what still needs doing. Mainly for me and Dragonett Lass - I have a shocking memory at the moment and for Dragonett Lass so that she knows what is expected of her, without feeling as though I am just dumping stuff on her. It is definitely not a Do this or You Will Be Punished sort of chart, it's more of a "Sweetie, have you checked the rabbits today?" "Oh, I can't remember, let me check" sort of thing.

All chores were discussed and she gets to chose what ones she wants as her Family Chores. As Dragonett Lad gets older, he'll have the same deal.

Don't worry. Reminder Charts are not just for the Dragonetts - My next chore is to make one for the Dragon Parents too!! Dr Who themed one is topping the List right now!

So have a look - we definitely like it!! :D

Without the 'Checks'

With the 'Checks' - Put on just as an example for this Photo.

Storage for Spare Checks waiting for use


  1. I love those 'checks'! I think *I* would find them motivating!


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