Monday, April 23, 2012

Having a total blast today!

Well, It's been longer between bloggings than I expected - mainly due to illhealth and a rental inspection. Hard to sort and clean when you just want to lay in bed and moan, lol. We even had to postpone the inspection once because I was too ill to have anyone in the house, let alone scrub toilets. :(

BUT... we passed our rental inspection with flying colours - thank God Above.

And not only that, I finally have a dehoarded and clutter free house!!  I KID YOU NOT!!! Our landlord didn't mention ONE clutter comment the whole time! YAY.

So this morning, after the usual shakefest and fainting fits, we were able to finally sit at the decluttered craft table and actually DO somethings together!

I had wandered back to Pinterest after they changed their T&C and was doing a nice internet walk and I came across this pinned Blog

but more importantly (to Dragonett Lass at least) to a Tangled Preschooler Pack - 3 of them to be precise! We used up the rest of our ink printing off all three booklets and she spent the afternoon working on them.

They are set for ages 2-7 so Dragonett Lass had the chance to start very easy and work her way up to the harder stuff.

She had a blast. Dragonett Lad couldn't have cared less, lol, so he did gluing.

A good Day!

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