Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Crafty Week

I recently got a wonderful deal at my local Op Shop on craft items (will blog that soon) and one night, decided I should kick into gear. As I couldn't find my pattern making program (will have to drag the old computer out of the back room retirement) I went with the first thing in my head - ...

 I really struggled with the gas mask but overall, I loved this one! I showed it off on a forum I hang out on and someone wanted it - I warned them it wasn't fabulous, but they insisted, so I have posted it off to its new home!

Then, we had an explosion of crafties here - paint is the name of the day all week here!

Then, once Dragonett Lass cleaned her room, she found a game she had forgotten about, so off to the floor. To distract Dragonett Lad from the apparently enthralling Princess dominoes game (much to the complete horror and frustration of his sister) he got set up with a biscuit cooling tray and wooden pegs - ahh the simple life always wins out!!!!

When we went to the Educational Store for our paint, we found some colored laces for threading games there - much better than the shoelaces we had been using. 
Dragonett Lad was immediately into the new (to us - read as secondhand of course) threading blocks.
Kept him occupied for a whole 3 minutes!!! LOL


Then, to our total surprise, Dragonett Lass decided that her room needed dusting RIGHT THEN AND THERE!! I had to take a photo for future reference!!!

 Now I am aware that I mixed the tags today, but I am very under the weather, so I pray that I am forgiven.

Night All

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