Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family Shots

Just a few family shots I wanted to share...

Dragonett Lad "Not Tired, not tired not........"

It was so funny, he was perched on the edge of the chair, only one butt cheek holding on and his leg were the only things stopping him from sleeping on the floor!

Nothing better than mud and water play with your friends!

Creative Bargains

I found the BEST bargains lately - with very little available cash I might add - LOL

Went to one of my favorite Op Shops and found some very nice bargains in their craft section. I didn't have the cash on me that day, so asked if I could pick it up the next day, that was fine. My friend said she would swing by and grab it and when she got there, it was half price day! YAY!

So for a total of $15 I got the following...
 8 hoops - two of the biggest ones are also ready gone to the kids, they will be back eventually! lol

Now, here is the one I was most excited about... two boxes FULL of sorted (aaaaahhhhhh, my compulsive but denied need for order fulfilled!!) embroidery threads

Along with some patterns and aida cloth (which I have already used YAY) - What a screaming bargain!!!

I have heaps more, but haven't yet sorted it out! Be back soon

Our Tadpole "Classes"

Well, I blogged about our tadpoles before and we were excited to see that they were finally growing up!!
Here is our first to be "mobile" - very froggy looking now!!

The rest are still at hind legs only, but are growing some lovely bumps at the front!
As of tomorrow, we will be moving Mr Advanced to the Frog Tank while we wait the rest to catch up!
We have also been working on book work - Dragonett Lass has finished off 3 work books in the past two weeks!! That is fantastic for her! She is really trying to do books that are a little ahead of her learning at the moment, but I figure I will honour her wishes as they are stretching her quite a bit - we'll see how she copes. This is actually a great step forward for her. In the past she has been quite worried about 'getting it right', as I'm sure I have blogged about before. At the moment, she is concentrating more on figuring it out, so am excited to see where it leads!!

We have also had a craft explosion here - Here are just a few samples of what has been created...

Painting - a note here, Dragonett Lass doesn't often paint 'things' or people, generally she just paints, but lately she has been focusing on painting things and scenes, it is quite amazing to see the changes as she becomes more imaginative and creative.

We have been tossing up the idea of moving into a caravan for a while and Dragonett Lass drew her own design of what she thinks the perfect 'house with wheels' looks like...


Dragonett Lad doing his first wool creation. Using the glue stick and cut up bits of wool, he played with sticking them to his paper. He had so much fun working out the stickiness of the glue, the relationship between the three items, gorgeous!

And here are the kids all making Treasure Boxes with some cake boxes we got from Freecycle (well, Dragonett Lad got gypped and only had paper, but hey, he thought it was all the same thing - LOL)

All we have left to do now is the inside - line it and finish off the decorations.

We were recently given a fabulous book from a friend - Science With Plants. Its a really great little book designed for the younger children.

We started off with seedlings - Dragonett Lass is very excited to see them split and start to germinate

Dragonett Lass has also graduated from her (cardboard)box violin to her 'real' violin last week. She is really coming along with this and is finally happy to do her practicing. I'm quite jealous to be honest!!

That is only a few of the things we have done over the past few weeks -
Home schooling sure is fun!! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Crafty Week

I recently got a wonderful deal at my local Op Shop on craft items (will blog that soon) and one night, decided I should kick into gear. As I couldn't find my pattern making program (will have to drag the old computer out of the back room retirement) I went with the first thing in my head - ...

 I really struggled with the gas mask but overall, I loved this one! I showed it off on a forum I hang out on and someone wanted it - I warned them it wasn't fabulous, but they insisted, so I have posted it off to its new home!

Then, we had an explosion of crafties here - paint is the name of the day all week here!

Then, once Dragonett Lass cleaned her room, she found a game she had forgotten about, so off to the floor. To distract Dragonett Lad from the apparently enthralling Princess dominoes game (much to the complete horror and frustration of his sister) he got set up with a biscuit cooling tray and wooden pegs - ahh the simple life always wins out!!!!

When we went to the Educational Store for our paint, we found some colored laces for threading games there - much better than the shoelaces we had been using. 
Dragonett Lad was immediately into the new (to us - read as secondhand of course) threading blocks.
Kept him occupied for a whole 3 minutes!!! LOL


Then, to our total surprise, Dragonett Lass decided that her room needed dusting RIGHT THEN AND THERE!! I had to take a photo for future reference!!!

 Now I am aware that I mixed the tags today, but I am very under the weather, so I pray that I am forgiven.

Night All

A big Hey to my Gothise visitors!!

Sending out a huge gidday to the members of Gothise.

A little while back I got a hit from Gothise.
I figured it was someone looking up dragons, or clothing or some such thing.
Then I got more. And then More. Then it started showing up as a link in my stats.
I have friends already on there, so I knew a bit about it and had already signed up, but I don't participate - not my thing really, and I tend to worry about the youngsters on there.

Anyway, as I have gone over 200 visits from Gothise just this month alone, I was wanting to extend the hand of friendship and welcome you all in.

From an Ex-Goth now Mumma to youse all, hey!

(totally stolen this pic from here)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Latest Bargains

I adore vintage things - and what is more vintage than this - A portable Hairdryer!!

Modeled by the ever Lovely Dragonett Lass -