Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All our Support for Lisa Barrett today!!

Sending all our love, support, good vibes and prayers to you and your precious family today Lisa!!

Always remember, you are a Rock! Strong, Firm, Beautiful and Proud!
Polished smooth and gorgeous by the pressures and elements around you,
you will face them proudly,
knowing that you will be there long after everything has passed!

Thank You and Stay Strong!!!

Life Cycles

Okay, having FINALLY figured out how to avoid using Bloggers crappy photo download system (RAGE inducing bullshit) we can now put photos on the blog!! So Here's the latest...

In our house at the moment, we are looking at life cycles. After our visit to the Nature Education Centre and the purchase of our tadpoles, we had been on the lookout for caterpillars. Well, on a wander down our long driveway to check the water meter and the mailbox, we noticed that we had a proliferation of caterpillars, so we collected a bucket load and tons of leaves and carried them home and set them up in new homes in the kitchen.

 With cut up stockings, we figured out a way to seal the tops, while allowing air and moisture to have free flow!

Then we headed back down, and Dragonett Lass took her own photos of the caterpillars and their food source.

And finally, here they are, positioned next to the tadpoles, ready for their next life stage!

After this was all set up, we googled what type of caterpillar we had - Woolly Bear Caterpillars that will turn into Tiger Moths! We did a story page about them, using Dragonett Lass' words and photos and a hand drawn life cycle of butterflies and moths!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Imagination Time

Alas, poor neglected blog! Unfortunately, Blogger seems to be having some technical difficulty in downloading my pictures, so I attempt to download them, they come out looking REALLY funky, I get pissed, throw a tantie and nothing gets blogged. Exhibit A -

Well, I have some updates for you! Lets see if they will happen tonight!

At our last Craft Day, we made Puppet Theaters. Boxes, pictures and sticks, with some scrap fabrics.

We did "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"

Complete with table with three bowls!
My friend did her version of Goldilocks - no breaking and entering, no stealing, no busting up of other people things - much nicer too!