Friday, July 1, 2011

Two Days In One Here

Okay, I did two days in one here.

Day 19: Organize Your Outgoing Space and Day 20: Organize Your Fridge

Wednesday 25th May 
My Outgoing Space gets done each time I tidy, as its part of my Vestibule and I loathe the front entrance of my house being cluttered - I really do .... you believe me ... ?  lol  But seriously, this section is tidied everyday, so I simply ran my eyes and hands over it and it was done in about a few minutes.
The fridge literally only took me a few seconds - I asked DragonPapa to do it - ROFL! See, it really CAN take 5 minutes!
With my many 'eccentricities' I won't eat anything that has been opened for more than a few days, so DragonPapa and myself are quite experienced at culling our fridge on a very regular basis, as I won't/can't feed my kids anything I won't/can't eat myself.
All Done! :)

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