Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rummage Sale Day

 We had a great Rummage Sale Day. Got HEAPS of books!

Bwahahaha!! I couldn't refuse this one!!!

Vintage 1977, in great condition!

Also got some great christian books!

My All time Favorite Story as a Child!

A good book to help Dragonett Lass prepare for when EVER she gets her tonsils out!!
Vintage, but a great read!!

Also got some other stuff ... (other than a HUGE bag of clothes and TWO LAMBS WOOL QUEENSIZE BLANKETS! No photo, off to the laundry, sorry)

A Camping BBQ - bigger and in better condition than my Little One.
Packs away nicely!

A Score - A BOX FULL of patterns - labeled and sectioned! Just the way I love it!

And the one that makes me chuckle - patterns, but SAFARI SUIT FOR KIDS!! YEAH!! lol

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