Friday, July 1, 2011

Craft Days and Learning Ways

I have been really stretching myself lately and reaching out more (as I explained in a previous post) to my IRL communities and one of those was to make a real effort to hang out with an online friend. She has 2 girls she homeschools, her eldest is only about a week or so older (? don't quote me on exact dates) than Dragonett Lass.
She is a total breath of fresh air TBH and Dragonett Lass and Dragonett Lad both love going to her place. After a few visits where I literally hung out there all day (Thank You So Much!!) we chatted about making a regular Craft/Science Day - to which Dragonett Lass has been 'reminding' me about lol!
It is something I am really looking forward to.
She is a very intelligent, explorative, Attachment Parenting mum and I am excited to be able to hang with them and learn more on how to engage Dragonett Lass in more attention capturing natural learning as well as exploring my own parenting skills and how to do it better (we can always do parenting better IMO)

How we spent some of our days lately...

Exploring our vast yard and discovering some 'drawing rocks' as the kids called them

I really wanted to get some cleaning done, so while the older two were outside, Dragonett Lad was engrossed in some coloured water play in the kitchen with me.
He refused to start until he had his apron on - very very adorable!!

Of course, as soon as the other two saw the fun to be had, they wanted to join in...

Dragonett Lass was very excited to explore her newly discovered knowledge of colour

While I was setting up the older two, I realised that Dragonett Lad had disappeared. After a quick search, I was getting a little 'concerned', then I noticed that the lump on the couch moved...

He had gotten his bottle, climbed onto the couch and snuggled down under the doona
I guess that his day of water play had worn him out

Dragonett Lass exploring a new craft - Latch Hooking. Its a fabulous skill for hand/eye co-ordination, problem solving, map/instruction understanding, logical thinking, plus so much more!

And today, playing with store-bought playdough (not something I have ever done here, we prefer homemade) Dragonett Lad was very impressed I think.

Having Fun - as always!! LOL

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