Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday Rummage Sale

Love my Rummage Sale. I haven't been able to go for about 2 weeks due to financial reasons, and did I miss it. I didn't just miss the excitement of What Will I Find? I also missed the connection with the volunteers there. So this week was great fun!

My Pride and Joy! A 3L scale set. Fits nicely away into itself as well..

A tiny dish drying rack for our Camp Box

Now, I know that Dragonett Lass is a little too young for these yet, but we have already started looking at the pictures and descriptions! 

For DragonMumma - An 1968 (reprinted 1982) Readers Digest DIY Manual. Left side covers the "How To" section and the right side covers the actual "Projects"

Check out the fabulous Groovy Illustrations!! Yeah Baby!!

  Got three of these undershelf storage trays! Very Handy!!

Do you know what this is?? A Gold Prospecting Pan! LOL, I find all sorts at the Rummage Sale!

A camp stove for the Camp Box. Other than a new hose, looks in great condition!

And a lockable computer disk box. What would anyone use this for now?? Well, it's going in my pantry (along with a smaller version) and it will hold all my choc chips, boiled lollies, sprinkles, food dyes, all the things my darling little angels like to nick and either eat or spread around (panic making in a rental!!)

Finally, something that made poor DragonPapa throw his hands up and mutter under his breath...

4 wicker baskets!! Always useful, IMO...

 See Ya Next Week

Just adding - My share of the Rummage Sale Bill this week was $12.50 ... So no, I haven't spent a lot of money!! Got some kickass bargains tho!!!


  1. Oh good finds! That Biology book is FANTASTIC!


  2. Thanks Lisa - its a really interesting read! It was her Bedtime Book last night - LOL


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