Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SO much to catch up on.

I have been so focused on blogging my 30 Day Cleaning Challenge, that I have been neglecting the home schooling side of my blog! See what I meant about maybe needing more blogs? rofl - NNNNnnnoooooooo!

Anyway, despite the lack of info on the blog, we have been chuffing along nicely here. I had a bit of a sad when A was talking about being lonely, so we all got together and brainstormed and now A has started (we had been planning this since aggggges ago, but never seemed to have the money/time/teachers, but everything seemed to fall into place at this point in time - Meant To Be!!) Ballet and Violin (Which DragonMumma is seriously considering starting as well) as well as upping the amount we go out. A is now telling us that she is TOO busy and wants to stay home more!! HAHA Can I ever win?? lol

So, Just to give an idea of our outings for a general week ...

Monday - Home Day - Will be starting Gym in the next few weeks (With our Families Best Friends)
Tuesday - (Family Day - DragonPapa Doesn't Work) Rummage Sale (A sometimes comes to this when she wants to) and Violin
Wednesday - (Family Day - DragonPapa Doesn't Work) Cleaning and Family and House stuff, then Ballet (When our wallets aren't so stretched, we will be going to the Central Markets again on Wednesdays)
Thursday - Hanging with friends - A's best girl friend now goes to school, so we catch up every Thursday.
Friday - Playgroup/Natural Learning Meets/ Home Schooling Group Activities then Evening Church
Saturday - Home Day (will Hopefully be changing Ballet to here when they have an opening)
Sunday - (Family Day - DragonPapa doesn't work) Church and Lunches with Extended Families

This doesn't include popping over to friends places, meeting up at play cafes, that sort of thing!  Don't know about the kids, but ** I'm ** exhausted just thinking about all that socialising!!! lol

We have also had to implement a routine for our home days, not for the kids, but for us adults. We are simply not unschooling like the kids - who really don't have anything much to unschool from, heehee.

So our home days tend to go like this ... (barring illness and the like) Keeping in mind, this is very loose, 'ish'ish sort of routine/guidelines.

Breakfast, then cleanup and then free play from 8.30am until 10.30am while DragonMumma does householdy things. Kids always welcome to join in or do their own thing.
10.30am to 12.00pm - Dragonett Lass Time (Dragonett Lad Hopefully asleep)- boardgames, workbooks, Craft, anything she wants. (This is one I try to make happen Every Day as A has requested more DragonMumma and Dragonett Lass time)
12.00pm to 12.30pm - Lunchtime
12.30pm to  1.30pm - Cleaning and DragonMumma time to tidy
1.30pm to 4.30pm - Cooking, Playing, Lots of outside play here if we can - Rabbits, Mushrooms, Castles, walks, bikes, that sort of thing
4.30pm - 6.30pm - Either Picking DragonPapa up from work and/or making dinner then evening routines, which will some day include them going to sleep - rofl.

So here are a few photos of what we have been doing ...

Taking her own photo


Bubble Painting


Waiting (im) patiently

Blowing hole-punch circles

A's first self directed collage

Doing Math in our house

Our Band


Making and Playing Treasure Maps

Craft with our Found Treasure

Doing Workbooks

Our Family

More Drums


  1. How do you do the bubble painting?

  2. Oooh Cat, go to Kmart/Big W and get 'The Ultimate Craft Book for Kids' for $6!

    The Bubble Painting is simply water, dishwashing liquid and paint - I found using only a little water and adding some food coloring worked well! Get a straw, blow bubbles until they are towering (thats the FUN bit - heehee) then place a paper on top and let it sit for a few moments then remove and repeat as needed! Easy, cleanup is a snap, and if you use big enough paper, makes brilliant wrapping paper!


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