Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Quiz - Who is Who?

I have a quick quiz today - my internet was shaped so I haven't been able to even look at my blog, let alone post lately - but as I got back on today, I felt this needed to be asked.

There are two groups of people. We'll call them Group A and Group B. Both groups are drawn together into their groups by common beliefs. Both exist in a Major Capital City, with substantial interstate connections.

Group A - Small, spread out, mainly online, regular meet-ups

Group B - Very Large, close together, IRL connections, regular meet-ups

Here's the quiz -

Group A regularly supports its members and their friends, They regularly supply meals, for their members and friends. This support happens with no formal organisations assistance, simply an online message board and phone tree. No questions, no judgements, simply an honest willingness to help their members. Any member, for what ever reason, can put out a call and will receive days/weeks of ready made meals, all healthy, free and even taking into consideration the various and many different dietary needs - which today, is very widespread. All the members generally participate in this Meal Bank, with no complaints, no hesitation, and regularly, no notice of time - immediate need is addressed. Many of the members are on limited incomes of a sort, but still are able to pull a meal out if needed.

Group B also regularly supplies meals to its members and their friends. This support happens also with no formal organisations assistance, simply a phone tree. The organisers do this with an honest willingness to help their members. Anyone, for whatever reason, can call and request assistance. The organisers will call around and find someone who can fill that need. Barely a handful of members participate in this Meal Bank. Some have even requested to be removed from the phone tree. Others have stipulations on who they will make meals for (not what meals). Many of the members are on good incomes to quite comfortable incomes, but are unable to pull a meal out even if desperately needed.

Which do You think is the Christian Group and which do YOU think is the Mixed Group - athetists, agnostic, pagan, buddist, ex-religion members?

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