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Day 9: Organize Your Laundry

Day 9: Organize Your Laundry

Tuesday 17th May
Okay, This email was a big one, so I have taken the liberty of doing a cut and pastey type of thing which I don't like doing, but the email was too big for me to summarize.
Get a large bag. Quickly scanning your laundry shelves and benches, throw into the bag:

Old paint cans, tiles, etc
Decrepit brooms, dustpans, cleaning equipment
Cleaning supplies you don't use
Empty bottles of laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc
Tatty baskets and hampers
Broken irons, ironing boards, etc
Anything moldy, mildewed, or yucky.

Step 2: Pop your bag into the trash.

Step 3: Remove anything from the laundry that should be stored elsewhere - eg:

Car-related stuff -> in the garage
Random clothes -> in the closet
Spare paper towels -> in the pantry
Spare bulbs -> in the hall closet
Towels -> in the linen closet; etc.

Step 4: Do a quick tidy of your laundry shelves.

And you're done!

Okay, as a 5 minute task, I can't see this happening. Very Nearly Almost, but not quite.

As we don't have shelves in our laundry, we had a washing basket and lidded box. I simply threw out the entire washing basket - paint, scotchguard, old cat food boxes, shoe polish, as we hadn't used any of them in ages (years even?). Step Two of course is the time killer here. Regardless, I then spent the rest of the evening sorting and vacuuming and mopping the laundry floor and walls. Other than a very nasty incident with a bad slip/fall, a smashed vintage glass bowl, a huntsman spider and a temper tantrum, nothing left to do but to replace some tap handles and get DragonPapa to pull out the five boxes of clothes (yep, 5 more boxes of freaking clothes!!) that have been there since we moved in and empty them for me (spiders *shudder*) .....

.... we'll see if that happens - LOL

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