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Day 8 - Organize Your Linen Closet

Day 8 - Organize Your Linen Closet
Monday 16th May

Okay, now I get that many people have full to bursting linen cupboards, this is me!! (some people don't even get the luxury of a linen cupboards! lol) but do people really have the following in their clean linen cupboards?

Moving quickly from top left to bottom right, toss out any:

Sheets and pillowcases that are old, stained or tatty
Towels that are old, stained or tatty
Tablecloths that are old, stained or tatty
Napery that is old, stained or tatty
Blankets that are old, stained or tatty
Quilts that are old, stained or tatty

Bed linen, table linen and towels that are surplus to your general needs (allow for guests and keep a couple of old towels for spills and leaks).

Hoarder that I am, even I don't have tatty, stained or visibly old linen. But hey, that's me. I wish I could have shown a photo of what my linen cupboard was like before, but I missed that narrow window of time. LOL
I opened the doors to start, thought, 'Oh, I could take a photo (not something I often remember) and blog this one' so I trotted off to get the camera. On the way back, the phone rang, then someone knocked at the door, child asked for a drink, drink promptly ended up on the floor, snacks made and put out, called the kids ... no answer ... called again ... hear giggling, so I follow and this was what I found ...

The kids were IN the cupboard (evidenced by the torn lining), having the time of their lives, but my over-crammed linen cupboard now all over the floor! 

So it took a day to actually get the energy up to tackle this now huge task and what was 'supposed' to be a 5 minute job - can I take the time here to say, another 'not possible' task to do in 5 minutes - even my mother's linen cupboard, by which all standards are held to, would take more than 5 minutes - not much, but definitely more - turned into a job of 3 hours. Sad fact is, my compulsions meant that many of the linen items had to be rewashed or I was not at all comfy putting it back in.

But, here's the almost finished result. I have a few more bags of linen needing to be dealt with and a load or two still waiting exportation from the Laundry Region, but this is the nearly finished product. I threw out two bags- ie, doona covers I don't like anymore as I have too many, matching pillowcases, sized 'double' anything - left over from my single days (been married for 8yrs, moved 5 times - HOARDER! lol), fabric I was saving for sewing that I didn't want anymore, that sort of thing.

Now, I must add, this is only my Linen Cupboard, not my Towel Cupboard (now also my tablecloth and napkin cupboard). But that's another post for another day...

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