Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 10 to 14 - Pass Time

Day 10: Organize Your Garage

Okay, this was an easy one for me - We don't have a garage -LOL. We have a carpark area that is open so unable to 'store' anything. Other than rubbish, wheelie-bins, that sort of thing. So a Pass on this one. I can't even comment on anything, as I have never really had a garage in many years.

Day 11: Organize Your Shoes

I don't have shoes, well, enough shoes to warrant a clean-up on them. I own a pair of sneakers, a pair of boots and a few others that already have their own spot. DragonPapa has a pair of sneakers and a pair of work shoes, all in the one spot. They all 'live' in our daystand, in the box at the bottom. The kids have a basket of shoes, that due to kids growing, is cleanout on a daily basis (lol). So another Pass on this one.
Day 12: Declutter Your Car's Glove Box

Another Pass here. This area of the car is kept clean at all times - everytime the car is cleaned, this area is done.
Day 13: Organize Your Pots, Pans and Cookware

Because I have a toddler and a 5yr old and a Hubby that loves to cook, this area (cupboard under the oven) is pulled out every. single. day. this cupboard is stocked with only metal frypans and saucepans (or drums as my kids think) and anything not up to scratch is gone ASAP (if only to lessen the 'drum set'). So another Pass here.

Day 14: Organize Your Paperwork

Now, this one is similar, very similar to Day 5, but giving the whole thing the benefit of the doubt, I read it. Basically, this said to gather all the paperwork from around your home – whether strewn throughout the house, covering every surface of your home office, or assembled in a towering pile. As in Day 5. As my paperwork is all kept on my computer desk, this task was already done and maintained, so Pass on this one as well.

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